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Aria Milano

Aria Milano Looking for luxury apartments in Milan?

Introducing Our Milan luxury apartments

Hotel standards, home vibes

Our Milan luxury apartments offer luxury short term complexes along with premium flexible accommodation to fit your unique schedule and lifestyle. Finely furnished apartments equipped with all the services and amenities you need for peace of mind and an authentic experience when staying in Milan.

Whether for business or vacation, our Milan apartments are ideally located in beautiful districts with quick & easy access to all of Milan’s hotspots. The aesthetic, functional and cleverly designed living spaces will make you feel right at home, no matter long you stay.

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Family room for 2 guests
always accessible

lounge Area

Whether working, surfing or simply relaxing, the sophisticated Aria Lounge with bar offers the perfect atmosphere.

Book on table
Office table
Chairs and table

Fine Italian Design

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Room View Desk
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Room View Shower
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