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Advantages of Renting a furnished apartment in Milan


27 / 01 / 2022

If you are moving to Milan, whether it is for a short term stay or a long term stay, one of the first tasks on your list is to find an apartment where to stay. At this point you are presented with two options: renting an unfurnished apartment in Milan or renting a furnished apartment in Milan.
In Aria Milano we have a long experience in renting furnished apartments in Milan and we want to present to you some of the advantages of this rental solution.

Ease of moving

When you move to a new city moving all your furniture from your previous home to the next one comes with a lot of stress. Renting a furnished apartment in Milan means forgetting about dealing with moving companies, packing all of your furniture and making sure that it arrives to destination unharmed.

No commitments

One of the biggest advantages when it comes to renting a furnished apartment in Milan is the flexibility and freedom that you gain. You are not tied to any property, nor you need to have big expenses just to settle in your new apartment in Milan. Just pick up your keys and you are ready to enjoy your new adventure.


Renting a furnished apartment in Milan also offers many benefits in terms of services that you would not be able to enjoy in a regular apartment. In Aria Milano or Aria Hub all of our guests can enjoy our sophisticated lounge, that makes the perfect atmosphere whether you just want to chill or work.

Saving money upfront

A beautifully furnished apartment in Milan also allows you to save quite a big amount of money upon move-in. Bringing along all of your furniture or having to buy new can definitely be challenging from the economical point of view.

Saving time

We all know that time is the most precious thing that we have. Nobody can give you time back. Furnished apartment rentals save you much time when you move to a new city. Choosing new furniture is very time consuming. You need to visit a lot of stores, make plans on how to combine every piece of furniture that you are going to buy and most likely, if you are not an interior designer, you will make some mistakes along your way.
These are only a few of the advantages of furnished rentals in Milan. Are you interested in knowing more about renting furnished apartments in Milan? Whether you are traveling by yourself of with friends or family, we have the right solution for you. Check out our apartments and feel free to reach out. We are always at your disposal.