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Top 5 features to consider when renting an apartment in Milan

Whether you are looking for a long term rental or a short term rental in Milan, here is a list that summons the top characteristics to take in consideration, in order to make sure you have the best possible experience during your stay in the city.

The neighborhood

Your reason to travel to Milan can vary, depending if you are a student, you are working or you are just planning to spend time in Milan for leisure. The perfect location for an apartment in Milan is the one that suits best your needs in terms of distance from work (or university), in order to minimize commuting time and lifestyle quality, meaning restaurants, bars, shops and parks nearby in the area.

Move-in ready condition

When renting an apartment in Milan, you also need to take in account how much time you will need to settle in and start living your normal life. Make sure the apartment for rent that you are going to choose has all you need to get you started, so that you don’t need to sacrifice more time and money than you actually were planning. All of the apartments in Aria Milano are fully furnished and equipped with all the appliances you need: you just need to empty your luggage and you are ready to enjoy Milan to the fullest.

Age of property

You can find apartments for rent in Milan that are in good conditions or poor conditions, regardless the area that you are looking into. It’s always a good idea to check when the apartment was last renovated, in order to avoid unexpected breakdowns or necessary repairs that might exceed your budget and take off your focus from your daily activities.


Another key element to take into account when choosing an apartment rental in Milan is safety. All Aria Milano apartments are located in central Milan, in safe areas that are suitable for living without being worried that your car or home is going to be broken into.

Cooperative landlord

In Aria Milano we are always at your disposal for anything you might need during your stay. Call us or email us and we will be very happy to help you out. Have a look at our selection of apartments for rent in Milan and feel free to reach out to us.