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Tips about surviving in Milan as a student

Based on statistics from 2019 the amount of students coming to Milan to enroll in universities or academies is equal to approximately 214.000, among which 20.000 are coming from abroad. The trend has been increasing in the past year, making Milan one of the main cities in Italy where to complete the studies and start a career in the work environment.

That being said, finding an apartment to rent can be a tough task as the competition is very high and it is not so easy to find a place to stay with good conditions and a fair price. The first choice that a student faces is weather to look for a studio apartment to stay on his own or rather to pick a shared apartment. If you care about your privacy and you freedom a studio apartment would be the way to go, if instead you value more bonding with people and creating new friends, a shared apartment is the perfect solution for you.

Location also represents a key factor when choosing your place to stay. Most of all if you plan a long term stay, meaning more than 6 months. From this point of view there can be different criteria to take in consideration: is it better to be closer to the center of Milan or is it wiser to be closer to the university? It depends! Firstly some universities are in central Milan, some are in different areas. Also, it depends if you value more being comfortable on the day-to-day commute or exploring the city and it’s hidden gems. Some areas are also very well connected, even if they are not central. In both cases Aria Milano would have you covered. We have shared apartments close to Politecnico and Università Statale, as well as studios in central Milan.

Another important detail to take in consideration is your landlord: when you deal with a person there can be many grey areas that can lead to uncomfortable situations. A company instead, can guarantee you all possible coverage and support that can help you to have a hustle free experience.

With our formulas of short term rentals and long term rentals we can also offer you maximum flexibility: just pay as much as you stay. Have a look at our student apartments: https://aria-milano.com/studenti/.

Contact us to have more details about it, we are looking forward to helping you finding the apartment that suits your needs best.