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Three bedroom flats for rent Milan

Three bedroom flats for rent in Milan is the best solution for shared flats for students

Milan is the perfect city to go as a Student, as it has many top level universities that can give you the best base to then find a good job. If you are planning to study engineering or architecture, you can apply to Politecnico, for economics or business administration there is Bocconi University and for law studies you can find great courses at Università Statale.

Finding a flat where to stay is often challenging in Milan, because of the high amount of people that look to move there. For a student especially it can get tricky and expensive. This is why in Aria Milano Studenti we have a great variety of flats for rent in Milan, designed to fit the life of a student. Shared three bedroom flats are usually a great solution, in order to keep expenses under control and to start meeting new people and start sharing experiences.

Feel free to contact us, we are happy to help you starting your student life in the best way possible.