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Three advantages of renting a one-bedroom apartment in Milan

What is a one-bedroom apartment?

A one-bedroom apartment or single bedroom apartment features a separate bedroom and a separate bathroom, while the kitchen can be separated from the living room or open to it. This type of apartment rental is one of the most requested ones in Milan. The choice often lies between a one-bedroom apartment and a studio apartment, as they both can host two people.

What are the advantages of renting a one-bedroom apartment in Milan?


One of the key benefits of a one-bedroom apartment is definitely privacy: it allows you to differentiate between a private space and a public space. If you are staying with a friend, each of you have the possibility to focus on their own activities. This not only affects the quality of your life, but it also makes you more efficient with your time management, as you can schedule your tasks without having anybody interfering with you.

Ease of decorating and refurnishing

In Aria Milano we like to think of the single bedroom apartment as the perfect compromise for a couple or two people in general. It is not as small as a studio apartment, yet it is not as big as a two-bedroom apartment. Arranging furniture is therefore easier compared to a studio apartment, but it doesn’t require to fill so much space as in a two-bedroom apartment.

Home office

During the past two years it has become more and more frequent to work remotely. Companies have become more flexible on where their employees decide to work from.
A one-bedroom apartment is a perfect solution for people that travel in a business capacity. If you travel for work on your own, staying in a studio apartment can feel a bit tiring as you never change environment during the whole day. In the case of a single bedroom apartment you have the chance to take breaks and detach your thoughts from work.

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