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Studios rental Milan

Why studios rental in Milan is a brilliant solution for a single person

As a student it is common to live in a shared flat. It has advantages: sharing the accommodation helps to save some money and also, usually it can be fun to live together with your classmates and friends.

But that is not always the case. The older you get the more you start to appreciate your personal space. Even if you are a single person it doesn’t mean that you are still ready to share the flat with someone. That’s the way to explain why studios rental in Milan is so popular.

The studio has its advantages — the cost of rent is usually lower than the one of a regular one-room apartment, but you still get the same privileges — separate bathroom and kitchen, which you will not share with anyone. If you are looking for a studio with modern furniture in Corso Buenos Aires district — you should pay attention to Aria Milano Farneti flats.