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Studio flats for rent Milan

Are studio flats for rent in Milan worth it?

In the real estate market it is not common to talk about the disadvantages of a certain building. Let’s discuss the real shortcomings of studio flats in Milan and see what future residents can expect? Studios usually have a small area. To solve this problem comes the idea of buying compact furniture and appliances, or the ones that can perform multiple functions and easily be transformed. There is no hallway. There is no corridor, so all the dust will get from the entrance to the apartment. But this issue is easily solved by buying a robot vacuum cleaner. The only area. No partitions. Smells from the kitchen. A powerful kitchen hood should become a mandatory element of a studio apartment. Lack of personal space. If more than one person lives in such an apartment, you should be prepared for the fact that personal space will be minimal.

This housing is not quite suitable for families with children, large families, couples who still need some personal space. However, it will serve as a cozy and comfortable home for single young people, young couples, creative people or students.

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