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Student apartment rental Milan

Benefits of Student apartment rental in Milan

Usually, when entering the university, applicants expect to get a room in a student residence. But this is not always the best choice. Especially when you remember that the number of these rooms is very limited and there are always those who do not have enough space. Renting an apartment in Milan has its advantages.

Dormitories usually have a schedule for visiting guests. When you rent a flat, you can feel free to receive your friends and allow them to stay the night if your contractual terms allow it. Another big plus – your apartment will have its own separate kitchen, which does not need to be shared with all the neighbors on the floor, as is usually the case in residences. No queues and dirty dishes, just a great place for your culinary experiments. If you are a type of person who takes time in the shower every morning, a personal bathroom will be a significant advantage of a student apartment rental for you.

And, perhaps, one of the best advantages is the opportunity to experience not only ordinary student life, but also the experience of local life: to have indigenous Italian neighbors, visit markets and explore the area.

Aria Milano studenti has a big selection of shared apartments in Milan. Contact us, we will be happy to answer all your questions.