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Rent apartment Milan student

How best to rent an apartment in Milan for a student

Before renting a home for your student life in Milan, let us give you some useful tips on what to look for.

The most important factor is the distance between your university and the place where you are supposed to live. You should keep in mind that you will spend most of your time here so it’s better to care about the place which will not need long commuting.

Another factor is well-developed infrastructure — it’s nice to have the opportunity to easily get anywhere in the city. So we advise you to rent an apartment in Milan for a student close to public transportation stations. Aria Milano Studenti is a perfect option because it is located in Città Studi in a neighborhood with the Piola metro station.

Don’t forget about your comfort and favorite hobbies. If you are used to running every day, it’s better to find an apartment near green parks. Likewise, If you are used to following an active social lifestyle, it is better to live near cafes and bars.

All these benefits are contained in the Aria Milano Studenti apartment, which will be the best choice for any student in Milan.