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Rent apartment Milan long term

The easiest seasons to rent apartment in Milan for a long term

Italy is chosen as a permanent or temporary place of residence by foreign students, businessmen, and travelers who decide to spend a month or two in this bright sunny country. Whatever the purpose of staying in Italy for a longer or shorter period, you will have to solve the notorious “housing problem”.

People come here all year round hoping to feel the vibe of Italy’s economic capital. Sometimes they come during the most unfortunate periods when finding a house is especially difficult, if not impossible.

Let’s see what season in Milan is the easiest for renting an apartment for long term.

From mid-July to the end of August is the traditional holiday time. So all realtors, homeowners, literally leave Milan and go to the seaside, trying to find salvation from the heat.

From September to October is the time when students come to universities, so they need to find accommodation. This wouldn’t be the easiest time to find accommodation among the flocks of people visiting Milan, so we recommend booking your trip in Aria Milano in advance.