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Milan fashion week: our recommendations for renting an apartment

We are one and a half months away from 2022 edition of Milan fashion week and we cannot wait for it! Being one of the most important events happening in Milan, it is also an opportunity to enjoy the city at its maximum energy. In fact, alongside to fashion week comes “Milano fuori salone”, which is a “parallel” event happening right in the middle of the city hosting many parties and expositions.

As it happens with all the most famous events, finding an apartment to stay in Milan during that time can be difficult, so here are some tips from us to take the most out of this week.

Make plans on time

Plan your trip in advance. Milan fashion week is a great event that is best lived if you find an apartment for rent in Milan. Demand is usually very high in that period, so you don’t want to miss the oportunity of finding a good apartment rental.

Find an apartment in central Milan

Milan is a big city, not all the areas are involved in this event. Staying in central Milan has several advantages. Everything is more likely to be walking distance away, allowing you to avoid heavy traffic, weather you have business meetings to attend during the day or parties and events at night. This means more time for you to work and more time to relax.

Look for a fully furnished apartment

Short-term rental is the keyword. A short-term rental is a furnished space that is available from a few days to several weeks and it is known to be the best alternative to a hotel.
If you are traveling to Milan during that week, chances are high that you are on a business trip. Professionals in the fashion industry are already used to the concept of short term rentals.
Aria Milano apartments are all tastefully furnished, with attention to details and equipped with everything you need to enjoy your stay.

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If you need any help from us, don’t hesitate to reach out. We are more than happy to help you finding the best stay for you.