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Luxury apartment rental Milan

Dolce vita in Milan: feel the spirit of the city with luxury apartment rental

Milan is one of the most popular and touristic cities in Italy. The second most populated city in the country (the first is the capital Rome), it is growing every year. It is of interest not only to tourists, but also to local residents. The reason is simple: Milan is the economic, industrial, and cultural capital of northern Italy. In the city you can obtain an excellent education and find a prestigious job, as well as a great vacation – in Milan, all areas of a vibrant, eventful life have been thought through.

Despite all its modernity, Milan is also the center of ancient Lombardy. Few tourists of the 21st century know that the capital of fashion and good taste is also one of the most ancient cities in the country.

It seems that all roads in Milan lead to the Duomo. Any tourist is convinced of that on their second or third day of walking around the capital of Lombardy. If you are looking for accommodation near this cathedral, you can rent Aria Milano Palazzi, which is located in the area.