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Furnished flats rental Milan

Basic Design Tricks in furnished flats rental in Milan

In the design of apartments, the Milanese have a rather democratic approach, the main thing here is functionality. Here in the apartments you can often see minimalist furniture: plastic chairs, shelving and beds without a headboard; or country-style furniture: showcases or consoles made of natural untreated wood. Milanese cannot be reproached with kitsch or pathos, no carriage tie with rhinestones, velour with gold embroidery or classic English carved chairs. The majority of the properties here are elegant and tasteful.

The owners of apartments in Milan are surprisingly skillful with light — it is never too dark, but at the same time it does not blind the eyes. It gives soft and warm lighting, taking advantage of the white surfaces of the walls and ceilings, which perfectly reflect and scatter light. You can sometimes get confused by the switches, because the light is often divided into many groups (up to each individual light bulb), so in the evening you can create any mood for yourself.

Aria Milano apartments are very curated, featuring modern design furniture and all the comfort you need to live the best experience in Milan.