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Discover Milan’s hidden gems

Milan is a very popular destination for trips, may they be for business or leisure. Chances are that you have already been to this city, maybe even more than once! At this point you might be wondering: what else is there more to see, apart from the mainstream touristic attractions, that attract millions of people every year? Well, don’t you worry: our staff at Aria Milano has prepaired for you a list of hidden gems that are definitely worth to see.

Villa Invernizzi

Villa Invernizzi is an art nouveau villa located close to corso Venezia, a few minutes away from our furnished apartments, in via dei Cappuccini 7. Although it is relatively hidden, you cannot miss it, as you will find a colony of pink flamingos in its garden, visible from the outside. These birds were originally imported from Chile and Africa in the 70s. The ones you can admire today are their descendants.

Piazza del Quadrilatero

Also close to Aria Milano boutique apartments you can find the piazza del Quadrilatero, situated in the block that crosses corso Venezia and via Sant’Andrea. This piazza is accessible to the public since only a year, as it has been recently restored. It boasts a 2400 square meters big court yard surrounded by an arcade of a palace built in the 16th century.

Casa degli Omenoni

Not far away of the Duomo lies Palazzo degli Omenoni, a building from the 16th century with a very interesting facade, that features eight big sculptures portraying barbarians defeted by ancient Romans. Today it is the head quarter of an exclusive gentlemen’s club.

Chiesa di San Bernardino alle Ossa

While you are still in Duomo area, the church San Bernardino alle Ossa is also definitely worth a visit. This church is particularly known because of its chapel, that has its walls all covered in bones and skulls. It is believed that those remains come from a local hospital that was closed in 1652.

Leonardo’s vineyard

It is undenyable that Leonardo da Vinci had a big impact on the city of Milan. Just as an example, among his many works, he developed the Navigli as we see them today. Leonardo’s vineyard is close to Santa Maria delle Grazie church. History wants that it was donated to him by Ludovico il Moro in 1498, while he was working on his famous painting “The last Supper”.

via Lincoln, Milan’s “Burano”

Via Lincoln is a very picturesque street in Milan, not known by most of the people, even if it is situated close to Porta Venezia area. It is often referred to as “Milan’s Burano”, as all the houses are small and very colorful villas. Definitely a very instagrammable location!

Ca de l’oreggia

The real name of this palace is Palazzo Sola Busca, but milanese people call it “Ca de l’Oreggia” (House with the ear), as the facade features a curious bronze artwork (that in fact is an intercom!), representing an ear. It is said that this is one of the first intercoms ever installed in Milan, so you can consider it a small piece of history.

That’s all for now, we hope we have given you some valuable piece of advice and that you are going to enjoy your next stay in Milan.
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