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Apartment rental Milan long term

All the nuances of long term apartment rental in Milan

Renting apartments in Milan is particularly challenging.

Milan is the busiest city in Italy. It is one of the most important economic centers in Europe.

Here are the headquarters of a great number of companies: some of the most developed international corporations. In addition, some of the very prestigious internationally recognized universities are located in Milan. That’s why every year thousands of people move to Milan for work or study.

For students it might be easier to rent an apartment for a long time, as, after all, they have a student visa and often do not need a residence or even a contract. There are also better opportunities to rent a house for those who came with a work contract signed with a local employer.

Long-term rentals can be difficult for those with children and pets. Try to prepare some documents confirming your ability to pay monthly rent. It could be your income statements or your work contracts, as well as an extract from an Italian account, and so on. If you come from another country, then you should translate your documents to Italian and certify them at the consulate in advance.

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