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Apartment rental Milan center

Apartment rental in Milan city center

Milan very conveniently and clearly divides the municipal government into nine “microzones”. The division occurs radially, from zone 1, which is the center of the city, and from it other zones extend outward, in which all the other districts of Milan are enclosed.

Zone 1 represents the most prestigious districts of the city. The Italians call the historic center of Milan Centro Storico. This is an expensive, elite area, where all the city’s main architectural and historical monuments are concentrated. Also, the central area is the focus of elite shopping. There is a whole fashion district here, the so-called “Fashion Square” or, as it is also called, the “Golden Quadrangle of Milan”. This is a district that unites several streets where each building is a boutique, a jewelry store, or an atelier.

If you are looking for an apartment rental in Milan city center you can try Aria Milano Palazzi, which is situated in Zone 1 close to Duomo.