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Accomodation for rent Milan

Street Choice: how to find the best accommodation for rent Milan

One of the most important questions during a housing search is often the choice of a street. After some searching, here are the top 10 streets to live on in Milan.

There are quite a few student quarters among the streets of Milan, such as Сittà Studi. For those who love cozy evenings in bars, we recommend Navigli, Porta Genova and Sant’Ambrogio. Porta Romana has a good selection of aperitifs, Brera is suitable for all creative personalities, and Chinatown is for connoisseurs of Asian culture.

Our advice is to follow your personal preferences. Someone loves the nightlife, and someone likes calmness. If you can’t choose, relying on your preferences is a good start.

If you love shopping you can choose accommodation close to Porta Venezia. There is a whole block of mass-market shops — Corso Buenos Aires. This is one of the must-have items on the shopping itinerary. Here you can find a nice apartment in this area — Aria Milano Farneti.